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Digital aroma synthesizers

Experts in digital scent technology


Companies invest millions in stimulating the senses of sight and hearing, but… What about the most important human sense? What happens to the sense of smell?

THE SCENTS COMPANY is a brand of OLORAMA TECHNOLOGY, the only professional technology to incorporate smells into movies, videos, virtual reality, museums, amusement parks, escape rooms, and events.

Ultra-realistic aromas

We have invested more than 10 years in finding the best aromas, now you can enjoy them in your business!

Simple installation

In less than 1 hour you can be firing the right scents for any experience.

Worldwide delivery

Order online and you will receive your scent system in less than a week. We have already delivered equipment to 4 continents.

This is what they say about us

In the words of the presenter: “Thanks to Olorama we will be able to smell the end” (video with English subtitles).


Custom Smell Synthesizers

Since iSmell failed, activating “ad-hoc” scents is something that many people may not know they can do. Thanks to Olorama smell synthesizers you can activate personalised scents at events, in private rooms, in marketing actions, virtual reality or even in cinemas!
Applications for scent generators


Movies or videos with smells
Virtual Reality with smells
Smells for agencies and events
Sensory stimulation
Interactive experiences with scents


What is needed to activate the smell of chocolate, rain or gunpowder?

Olorama has scent synthesizers with 1, 2, 4 and 10 scents. To activate scents just choose the option that best suits your project:

– Activate via API.
– Activate via DMX.
– Activate through Olorama Scent Manager.
– Activate via voice

Smell chocolate, rain or gunpowder
Scent app

The only
app available to activate scents from your smartphone

Download our app and you’ll be able to activate scents immediately after receiving your scent generator:

Download Scent App from Apple Store

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