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Scent Marketing

What’s Scent marketing

Scent marketing consists of stimulating the sense of smell to boost sales. Thanks to smells, we can influence our customers to reinforce our brand and awaken in them the desire to buy.

iSmell story

The iSmell story

The iSmell story has been shared by so many attempts to incorporate smells into the digital world… In this case the goal was clear: to incorporate smells into the internet. Why did iSmell fail? How iSmell worked? Are there current systems compatible with iSmell? With what technology can I digitize smells today? Why did iSmell…
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VR Smell

VR smells

Something excites us and is our motivation to wake up every morning with more energy… How can we offer more sensory experiences? VR Smell has certainly done a great job here… It is no coincidence that Facebook bought Lukey Palmer’s company (and its Virtual Reality technology) for 2.5 billion dollars… And with Virtual Reality we can…
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Scent Marketing Diffusers

Since iSmell’s failure, Activating “ad-hoc” scents is something that many people may not know they can do. Thanks to smell synthesizers you can activate personalised scents at events, in private rooms, in marketing actions, virtual reality or even in cinemas! Here we want to show you how you can offer sensory experiences through scent generators: What is…
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